What Matters Most?

The narrative among colleagues, families, teams, neighbors, and community groups seems to share a common theme. When will the chaos, confusion, and disruptions of day-to-day life settle into the patterns we have appreciated over time? This question eludes most of us and yet here we are pushing our businesses and families forward. The resilience of … Read more

Your next presentation – Could it be right now?

For many people, when they think about ‘giving a presentation’, it may be an uncomfortable flashback to delivering a book report in grade school, standing awkwardly in front of a classroom, broadcasting out to a room filled with your classmates staring at you with mixed expressions. As adults, when you hear the word ‘presentation’, your … Read more

Have you registered yet?

In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to work with leaders across a variety of industries (globally situated) discussing their unique path as leaders in this very dynamic work environment. A universally shared challenge, was “How can I as a leader improve collaboration and communication across my organization when the space between … Read more

Dealing with Uncertainty

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Franklin D. Roosevelt Today’s leaders are faced with a wild variety of demands. Things are changing at an unprecedented pace leaving every leader with new and complex challenges for getting work done. So to remain competitive within the current environment, leaders must remain agile and versatile while … Read more

How ready is your team to contribute to your organization’s future?

The current work environment demands exceptional leadership. It is essential that you demonstrate, through your actions, that you believe in a strong future. You make it known you are committed to increasing the capabilities of the people on your team.  Great leaders, in times of uncertainty, step back, and evaluate the landscape before taking action. … Read more

Leading well today will improve your organization’s tomorrow!

Beginning September 8th, Pinnacle Group is holding a leadership development program for individuals who want to excel as leaders within their organization. Please take a moment to review the 40-second video Leveraging Your Strengths – A PG Leadership Sprint to learn more. If you or your colleagues are ready to advance within their leadership role, … Read more

Fast-Track Your Leadership Approach

Successful leaders are self-aware and transparent, can effectively balance priorities, and follow an internal compass that guides day-to-day actions and interactions. Knowing and labeling your existing abilities and capabilities is not enough. Our strengths need to be continuously developed through practice and skill development, similar to how an athlete or artist advance their talent.  The … Read more

Triumph Through Turbulence

When an airplane pilot warns us of anticipated turbulence, we can feel better prepared or we might worry about the upcoming discomfort. That said, the update from the pilot allows us to move through the turbulence better informed and well-prepared. In the workplace, changes and hurdles that occur can at times, create a bumpy ride. … Read more

WFH? What can we learn?

Working-from-home (WFH) has impacted us in many ways. Your perspective can support a more positive transition for all of us as we sort through what the “new normal” will require. Are you willing to help us understand your work experience during COVID-19? Your anonymous response to our 3-minute survey will help us better prepare for … Read more

Lights, Camera, Action

How has your workday changed? While you are still attending meetings, joining conference calls, and accomplishing your tasks, things are getting done in a different manner. Many of you are working at home and amidst all this, family members are chatting around you, dogs are barking below you, and babies are crying next to you. … Read more

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