Published In : The Hybrid Office Phenomenon & The Evolution of Executive Communication

Technology and the pandemic lockdown have altered traditional management communication, resulting from businesses adopting a new normal, that of blending in-person, remote and hybrid work environments.  This new paradigm has created a need for reframing communication techniques, perspectives and sensitivities in the way executives and teams communicate within an organization.

What Matters Most?

The narrative among colleagues, families, teams, neighbors, and community groups seems to share a common theme. When will the chaos, confusion, and disruptions of day-to-day life settle into the patterns we have appreciated over time? This question eludes most of us and yet here we are pushing our businesses and families forward. The resilience of … Read more

Your next presentation – Could it be right now?

For many people, when they think about ‘giving a presentation’, it may be an uncomfortable flashback to delivering a book report in grade school, standing awkwardly in front of a classroom, broadcasting out to a room filled with your classmates staring at you with mixed expressions. As adults, when you hear the word ‘presentation’, your … Read more

Have you registered yet?

In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to work with leaders across a variety of industries (globally situated) discussing their unique path as leaders in this very dynamic work environment. A universally shared challenge, was “How can I as a leader improve collaboration and communication across my organization when the space between … Read more

Dealing with Uncertainty

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Franklin D. Roosevelt Today’s leaders are faced with a wild variety of demands. Things are changing at an unprecedented pace leaving every leader with new and complex challenges for getting work done. So to remain competitive within the current environment, leaders must remain agile and versatile while … Read more

How ready is your team to contribute to your organization’s future?

The current work environment demands exceptional leadership. It is essential that you demonstrate, through your actions, that you believe in a strong future. You make it known you are committed to increasing the capabilities of the people on your team.  Great leaders, in times of uncertainty, step back, and evaluate the landscape before taking action. … Read more

Leading well today will improve your organization’s tomorrow!

Beginning September 8th, Pinnacle Group is holding a leadership development program for individuals who want to excel as leaders within their organization. Please take a moment to review the 40-second video Leveraging Your Strengths – A PG Leadership Sprint to learn more. If you or your colleagues are ready to advance within their leadership role, … Read more

Fast-Track Your Leadership Approach

Successful leaders are self-aware and transparent, can effectively balance priorities, and follow an internal compass that guides day-to-day actions and interactions. Knowing and labeling your existing abilities and capabilities is not enough. Our strengths need to be continuously developed through practice and skill development, similar to how an athlete or artist advance their talent.  The … Read more

Triumph Through Turbulence

When an airplane pilot warns us of anticipated turbulence, we can feel better prepared or we might worry about the upcoming discomfort. That said, the update from the pilot allows us to move through the turbulence better informed and well-prepared. In the workplace, changes and hurdles that occur can at times, create a bumpy ride. … Read more

WFH? What can we learn?

Working-from-home (WFH) has impacted us in many ways. Your perspective can support a more positive transition for all of us as we sort through what the “new normal” will require. Are you willing to help us understand your work experience during COVID-19? Your anonymous response to our 3-minute survey will help us better prepare for … Read more

Lights, Camera, Action

How has your workday changed? While you are still attending meetings, joining conference calls, and accomplishing your tasks, things are getting done in a different manner. Many of you are working at home and amidst all this, family members are chatting around you, dogs are barking below you, and babies are crying next to you. … Read more

Learning Moments

In your busy workday, you might miss an opportunity to learn a skill, to improve your interactions with colleagues or clients, or to grow as a person and a professional. Intentionally capturing a learning moment can make certain you discover something every day. Pinnacle Group can develop quick and compelling videos for you to share … Read more

Getting things done?

This unprecedented time in our business lives has turned the workplace upside down.  Many of us are working in our homes, and the individuals we usually work closely with to get things done may not be as accessible.  And, distractions surround us as we wait for information to surface which can guide our plans and … Read more

Working virtually? Join the Conversation

Do you find yourself… Working from home? New to the virtual workplace? You are not alone. With everything going on in the world around us, working virtually for many is the new normal. For some, it is as familiar as your morning cup of coffee while for others it feels new, odd, and less than ideal. … Read more

Tips for making the virtual workplace work for you!

Join the Pinnacle Group team and other business professionals for the 2nd virtual networking conversation on Thursday, March 19, 2020, 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. EDT to share insights and to support one another as we all navigate the virtual workspace.  Whether we are talking tech, sharing ideas for holding virtual meetings, or trying to stay … Read more

How will you keep employees connected?

Have you administered an employee engagement survey recently? This may be a great time to include your employees in the company culture conversation. Engagement surveys give your employees a voice for communicating what is working well and for describing what areas need your attention. Demonstrate your willingness to invest in their success.  Take action on … Read more

Building Rapport

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Forming connections with others expedites your ability to work collaboratively, to understand one another, and to support each other. Building rapport is both an art and science and an essential element for getting results with and through others. … Read more

Are you focused?

Did you know that 92% of individuals who set goals do not achieve their goals? This statistic makes goal setting seem unimportant. Yet, when a goal is written in a purposeful and visual way, our wishes can become reality. Creating goals that are meaningful and achievable builds confidence and supports increased productivity for ourselves and … Read more

Fall Sports in Full Swing – Join PG and Tailgates Tackle Hunger’s Mission

We are approaching the season of “giving thanks” and “giving” to others.  Tailgates Tackle Hunger was featured in a new podcast called @SCRAPPYpod! We discussed our mission of re-purposing tailgate food to communities that really need it! The Pinnacle Group team loves sports but more importantly, we want to be the team helping others every … Read more

Planning Training for 2020?

When we flip the calendar to September, it becomes clear the year is marching on quickly. If you have an immediate training need for 2019, let us know and we will help you meet your goal. If you are looking forward to 2020, now is the time to begin planning your development agenda. Complete the … Read more

Give Your Employees a Voice

Valued employees are more committed and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve results. No doubt they want to be an important part of the success story. When employees have an opportunity to share their perspectives with leadership, they work harder and are less likely to leave the organization. Pinnacle Group’s Employee Engagement Survey … Read more

Building Rapport – Self Assessment

Rapport is critical for creating and maintaining strong work relationships.  Because we are pulled in many directions throughout the day, we may need to actively pursue moments to interact with others. Positive work relationships foster loyalty and trust and provide a great platform for collaborating. Check-in on your rapport building approach by completing the Pinnacle … Read more


Who inspires you? Why? Who do you inspire? We impact one another daily yet we don’t always take the time to let them know how they have helped us. Your colleague may have shared a quick tip, offered a new idea, or suggested an alternative approach to a task.  This simple exchange can improve your … Read more

Get Gritty!

Can you develop Grit?  Are you resilient when things go sideways? Setbacks and distractions are to be expected and sometimes take us off course.  Persevering through the many challenges and opportunities we face at work requires skill and persistence. To learn how our Building Resilience program can help your team power through the ever-changing and … Read more

Time Optimization

Time and priority management are sought-after skills in the workplace. Individuals who prioritize responsibilities and leverage their time are more effective and efficient throughout a typical workday.  Reflecting on strategies for getting the most out of your day is time well spent. To increase proficiency in optimizing the time you have in a day, click … Read more

Your Authentic Self

Our authentic self is our best self.  We stay the course, live according to our values, and connect with others in meaningful ways.  Consider how you align your strengths and values with the actions you take in the day-to-day.  Complete the Authentic Self Scale and make a plan to be your best you! Click here to … Read more

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Create goals that are meaningful and achievable. Goals give focus to our day and help us to address the tasks that are aligned to our responsibilities and plans.  When we put timelines on our goals, we prioritize what matters most. Before 2019 gets away from you, complete the Pinnacle Group S.M.A.R.T. Goal Worksheet. Make a commitment to achieving what will benefit you and your organization.

Read more

PG Mindfulness Meter

As the holiday season approaches, do you look for quiet moments of reflection, or time to take a deep breath?  Do you find ways to be appreciative and express thanks? Do you stay focused on your workload? Mindfulness is a way to work consciously and systematically under stress and handle the challenges and demands of … Read more

The Pinnacle Group Difference

A workbook, PowerPoint slides, and interactive exercises, are only a piece of a successful training session. Where Pinnacle Group differs from other training vendors is our unique, experienced and knowledgeable team of facilitators. During each moment of a training session our facilitators challenge, encourage, and provide valuable connections that leave each participant with tools they … Read more

Join Us For A Complimentary Virtual Session!

Pinnacle Group invites you to join us for a complimentary virtual session, Optimizing Your Time on Thursday, September 13, 2018. We all have 24 hours in our day.  How we use our time can be the difference between achieving or falling short of our goals. Identify the barriers to your success and regain control of your … Read more

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles!

After a season of adversity, struggle and perseverance the Philadelphia Eagles have brought home the most coveted trophy in all of football, the Lombardi Trophy.  From our Pinnacle Group team to the Philadelphia Eagles and the entire city of Philadelphia, CONGRATULATIONS!

Thankful for Tailgates Tackle Hunger

Pinnacle Group has had another opportunity to partner with Tailgates Tackle Hunger to help collect 752 pounds of food for Project HOME, an organization working to end and prevent homelessness in Philadelphia. We would like to thank EVERYONE who donated and supported us in helping give back this holiday season. For more information on how you … Read more

The Cost of Turnover

Having skilled, engaged, and loyal employees impact your organization’s bottom line. High turnover is a key indicator that your employees are not performing at high levels or that there is a lack of engagement and job satisfaction. According to recent Department of Labor research, the average tenure for an employee in the United States is … Read more

Pinnacle Group Escaped!

Problem solving, communication and leis were just a few of the things that helped make our team building event a success. The Pinnacle Group team spent the day at the Franklin Institute learning, laughing and Escaping the Island themed room. Taking the time to enjoy each others company outside of the office while growing as … Read more

Career Day – Sharing Our Passion!

Our team member and facilitator Emily Pereira had a great day sharing our passion for what we do at Pinnacle Group with the students at Overbrook Educational Center on their annual Career Day! We love any opportunity we have to work with the future leaders of our community.

Building Legendary Leaders in Our Community

Any successful organization needs strong and competent leaders in order to grow and improve. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware know this better than anyone, as their managers just finalized Pinnacle Group’s Legendary Leadership Management Training Series. The program uses, an online training platform as a foundation for the learning process. Participants gained … Read more

Emerging Professional Workshop

Calling all Emerging Professionals! Join Pinnacle Group’s Emerging Professional program that supports the new professional as they transition into the workforce and are expected to quickly add value to their organization. Spots are quickly filling, click the link below to sign up today! Emerging Professional Workshop


Congratulations to our President Therese Williams on successfully graduating from Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program. This elite group of business owners graduated in December with even more tools and connections to continue to grow their businesses. We are so proud of Therese and her fellow business owners for their commitment to learning and excellence!

Holiday Food Drive

We are excited to announce that our 3rd annual Tailgates Tackle Hunger Thanksgiving food drive collected 618 pounds of food! The Pinnacle Group team delivered the food to Project HOME located in Philadelphia to be shared out to those in need this holiday season. We want to wish you and your family a safe and … Read more

Tailgates Tackle Hunger

At Pinnacle Group we are passionate about everything we do, from partnering with great organizations and individuals to help them reach their full potential to supporting each other internally to perform at our best. It was no surprise then when our after work passion for sports collided with our innate drive to help others earlier … Read more

Congrats Michaella of Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware!

We are excited to announce that Michaella Moore of Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware is one of three finalist in the prestigious Northeast Regional Youth of the Year Award. Our very own Suzanne McCall has worked closely with Michaella as a coach to prepare her for this event. Hats off to both of you, … Read more

National Fudge Day – June 16th

Happy National Fudge Day!  June 16th is National Fudge Day and our favorite summer holiday! We hope you, your organization and your family have a safe and wonderful Summer!

Making the Most of Rain on Gameday

Pinnacle Group partnered with several local businesses to support Tailgates Tackle Hunger’s 1st Annual Summer Food Drive. Like many outdoor games and events, weather played a major role by throwing us a curve ball. As our outdoor tailgate began, so did the rain and wind. However we punted and quickly moved indoors to continue this … Read more

Tuesday Talk: Emotional Intelligence

For many of us, the only emotions we would want to deal with in the workplace would be those that we are most comfortable with. If so, we are certain that productivity would follow. However, this ideal work situation could be limiting our possibilities. Let’s think about a work environment where emotions are not only … Read more

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