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In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to work with leaders across a variety of industries (globally situated) discussing their unique path as leaders in this very dynamic work environment. A universally shared challenge, was “How can I as a leader improve collaboration and communication across my organization when the space between and among team members increases at exponential levels?”

When leaders recognize the power of training and development as an approach to addressing business issues, they typically ask “What topics and programs will have the most impact and will align to our business goals and priorities?” Our response to the leader is, “What are the organizational competencies that will drive business results?” Communication is typically competency each employee is expected to demonstrate; it has a tremendous influence on helping employees close performance gaps. Providing tools and resources staff will need to perform at optimal levels, especially related to effective communication practices is a great approach.

Join Pinnacle Group’s High Impact Communication session on November 11th to gain exposure to best practices and to deepen your communication skills. This program incorporates a communication style assessment as a lever for understanding communication styles in both self and others. Jumping into how and why we demonstrate different styles when working with others contributes to greater collaboration and effectiveness across teams, departments, and the organization.

To register for this program – click here. For additional information on how to bring this program in-house for your full team, contact Therese Williams via email or call 610.930.2120 x100.

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