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Their biggest challenge was the complacency of their tenured leaders – most of the management staff had been in some kind of people-leader role for many years and believed that they “did not need training.”


Pinnacle built and delivered a management development solution that allowed both new managers and the seasoned leaders an opportunity to learn together, by approaching concepts from an integrated perspective.


The new managers experienced foundational skills with fresh eyes, and learned through the sharing of expertise from the more senior managers. The senior leaders got the refresher training that they didn’t think they needed, in a way that bolstered their engagement and effectiveness. The organization experienced increased engagement scores and made a commitment to continuing the management development program for all managers across the organization.

What our clients say

One of the strategic goals of our organization is to develop our people. But, we didn’t have a learning culture. People did not want to take time away from their desks for ‘training’. Hiring Pinnacle was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Pinnacle delivered so much more than training. They provided us with programs that were engaging, applicable immediately back on the job – and that were customized to our business, our people, and our culture. Our employees wanted more -and asked for more. Pinnacle did not only help create success in their programs -but gave our whole culture momentum for continuous learning and growth.

Learning and Development Manager,
Insurance Company

We recently acquired another company and were struggling with some of the cultural aspects of integrating the people. We brought Pinnacle in to help create some opportunities across the board for leadership development. Not only did they deliver a stellar program, but they were able to build a bridge between the old and the new, give people a voice, and an opportunity to be a part of the broader team. This expedited the cultural integration across the company -and allowed our employees to adapt and focus on organizational priorities.

Vice President, Human Resources,
Financial Services Organization

Pinnacle is a different vendor. They take the time to get to know your needs, as well as the way you work – so that they can be your partner and your advocate. They make an effort to understand your business as well as your culture and flex accordingly. The design process is easy, and their facilitators are top notch. Administratively, they are creative and focused on flawless delivery. Most importantly, I trust them. I count on them, and they come through again and again – making me look like a hero at work!

Vice President,
Talent Development Pinnacle Group Client
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