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How has your workday changed? While you are still attending meetings, joining conference calls, and accomplishing your tasks, things are getting done in a different manner. Many of you are working at home and amidst all this, family members are chatting around you, dogs are barking below you, and babies are crying next to you. We continue to work hard to remain professional, but let’s not forget that we are all in the same boat.

Technology provides us with the opportunity to stay connected and to be seen as we interact with clients, customers, and coworkers. However, sitting behind a screen can feel as daunting and as scary as being in front of a large room ready to present. When it comes to presenting ourselves to others it is essential that we remain confident, plan for our audience, and deliver our message just like we would in a face-to-face presentation.

Our workday requires more creativity, scheduling, and adapting so we stay productive. While email and phone calls continue, communicating on video can be a challenge. Working through distractions becomes even more critical when we find ourselves in front of the screen working with others. Before you jump on your next video call, think about how you can create a meaningful experience for your colleagues. Click here to view a few tips for successfully presenting to others.

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Contributor: Emily Pereira, Pinnacle Group, Learning & Development Consultant

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