Fast-Track Your Leadership Approach

Successful leaders are self-aware and transparent, can effectively balance priorities, and follow an internal compass that guides day-to-day actions and interactions. Knowing and labeling your existing abilities and capabilities is not enough.

Our strengths need to be continuously developed through practice and skill development, similar to how an athlete or artist advance their talent.  The PG Leadership Sprint™ – Leveraging Your Strengths uses universal leadership competencies as a guidepost for deeply exploring strengths and relating them to the opportunities and challenges you face as a leader. This fast-track leadership program engages leaders through a process of discovery and application needed to accelerate leadership effectiveness. Ultimately, when a leader aligns individual strengths to desired results, greater satisfaction and achievement occurs, for them and for the organization.

Review the program schedule and details here.  If you would like to join the Fall 2020 cohort to accelerate your leadership development, contact Michele Burns. The cohort is limited to 10 leaders so be sure to reserve your virtual seat in this program soon.

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