Tailgates Tackle Hunger

At Pinnacle Group we are passionate about everything we do, from partnering with great organizations and individuals to help them reach their full potential to supporting each other internally to perform at our best. It was no surprise then when our after work passion for sports collided with our innate drive to help others earlier this year to form a non-profit Tailgates Tackle Hunger.

In Pennsylvania, nearly 1.6 million people or one in eight are food insecure. In Montgomery County more than 88,000 individuals are food insecure, of which 14% are children.

Tailgates Tackle Hunger is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase awareness among tailgate enthusiasts to support re-purposing of food for those in the community who are in need.

Our team works throughout the year to collect food, educate others on the power of repurposing and volunteering our time to raise awareness and help those in need.

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