Our Results

High performing organizations invest in their people and know the investment directly impacts productivity and performance. Examples of the results our clients experienced following implementation of PINNACLE GROUP programs, resources and services include:

Exceeded management expectations in addressing business challenges.

APPROACH: Managers applied skills and concepts discussed in PG Management Essentials program.

New Hire turnover decreased by 43% within 90 days.

APPROACH: Designed a multi-dimensional mentoring program that was easily implements and supported by internal staff.

High performing team from around the globe achieved business results.

APPROACH: PG facilitated a multi-generational/international group of individuals across multiple communication platforms to accomplish desired results.

Employee time spent in meetings was reduced by 50%.

APPROACH: PG trained staff in critical skills needed to lead internal and external meetings effectively.

Client closed talent gaps that existed within their organization.

APPROACH: PG consultants collaborated with internal leaders to design a strategy, plan, tools, and resources to address talent gaps.