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Improved client satisfaction measures by 12%.

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Increased marketing capability by one (1) full-time equivalent (FTE) while overall headcount remained level.

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Experienced a decrease in employee relations issues.

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Developed management skills in delivering results-driven executive-level presentations.

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Created a quarterly performance review process that resulted in 100% participation.

About Pinnacle Group

We design and deliver targeted and relevant training programs that increase staff competency and capability.

We facilitate critical conversations that support an organization’s leadership to develop plans and business goals designed to achieve desired results.

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What We Do
  • Diagnose

    We uncover organizational issues.
  • Design

    We develop programs, tools and resources.
  • Deliver

    We transfer knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  • Partner

    We facilitate leaders through problem-solving and planning discussions.
  • Research

    We stay current across all management and leadership practices.

Pinnacle Group News:

National Fudge Day – June 16th

Happy National Fudge Day!  June 16th is National Fudge Day and our favorite summer holiday! We hope you, your organization and your family have a safe and wonderful Summer!