Tuesday Talks: Insights Into the Emerging Professionals

Currently there are 4 different generations working together in the workplace. Learning to maximize the potential of a multigenerational team is one of the most valuable skills in today’s workplace. With a highly effective diverse team, the possibilities are limitless. There are many challenges that can arise when multiple generations are working together to achieve a common goal. Perhaps more importantly, there are numerous opportunities for greatness that exist when multiple generations come together on one team.

At Pinnacle Group we are celebrating the Year of the Emerging Professional, however each and every day our team works to optimize the diverse skills, opinions and experience that each generation brings to our team. In order to open the conversation between generations, Pinnacle Group will be posting a weekly conversation between our Millennial and different team members from various generations on a variety of topics. We look forward to hearing from YOU as well, and keeping the four generations in the work place communicating and finding success in the workplace!Emerging Professionals Logo

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