Therese M. Williams, Ed.D.


Therese has lead Pinnacle Group since its inception in 2006. She has more than 30 years’ experience providing expertise to organizations in strategic planning, management effectiveness, leadership development, training, coaching, and organization development. Assisting organizations in diagnosing areas that impact employee productivity and management effectiveness and converting challenges into opportunities is where Therese excels and best serves her clients.

Therese holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts degree in Education from Villanova University. She is a scholar graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Entrepreneur Program and has earned her Ed.D. in Leadership at the American College of Education.  Pursuing the terminal degree has been a lifelong goal for Therese and the ability to apply current and relevant research to client projects has been the sole focus of the academic journey.

Therese founded the non-profit Tailgates Tackle Hunger, an organization designed to increase awareness among tailgating enthusiasts to reduce waste and repurpose extra food from a great tailgating event.  When not working, studying, or tailgating, you will find Therese hanging out at the beach.

Are you focused?

Did you know that 92% of individuals who set goals do not achieve their goals? This statistic makes goal setting seem unimportant. Yet, when a goal is written in a purposeful and visual way, our wishes can become reality. Creating goals that are meaningful and achievable builds confidence and supports increased productivity for ourselves and for others. Goals give us focus and help us to ensure that the work we are doing not only aligns with our basic responsibilities but also supports a vision or plan. When we put timelines on our goals, we prioritize what matters most. Use the Pinnacle Group SMART Goal Worksheet and make a commitment to achieving your goals and to achieve everything you need and want for your organization.

If you would like more information on supporting your goal-setting efforts, contact Kerri Marin or complete the Request for Training inquiry form.


Build Rapport – Good Business Sense

Rapport is critical for creating and maintaining strong work relationships.  Because we are pulled in many directions throughout the day, we may need to actively pursue moments to interact with others. Positive work relationships foster loyalty and trust and provide a great platform for collaborating.

Check-in on your rapport building approach by completing the Pinnacle Group – Building Rapport Self Assessment and find ways to improve your work relationships.

Contact Kerri Marin for information on developing key skills to help your employees leverage one another.



Who inspires you? Why? Who do you inspire?

We impact one another daily yet we don’t always take the time to let them know how they have helped us. Your colleague may have shared a quick tip, offered a new idea, or suggested an alternative approach to a task.  This simple exchange can improve your results.

When we call attention to these learning moments and let others know how they have impacted us, everyone wins.  Take a minute and acknowledge those who have inspired you. Join the conversation on LinkedIn and add #WhoInspiresYou. Click on the image to see how a conversation might go.