Emily Pereira

Manager, Training Design and Talent Development

Emily specializes in facilitating relevant training and development programs that help participants to think innovatively and apply practical skills in the workplace. As a certified DiSC® facilitator, Emily’s passion for impactful communication allows organizations to increase employee productivity and employee engagement.  Emily is instrumental in understanding the talent needs of our clients and in building programs that apply to a client’s culture and goals.  Emily’s strength as a business partner of Pinnacle Group clients is evident in her ability to connect with diverse participant groups and ensuring learning is impactful. She connects participants by leveraging a variety of virtual platforms that extends development opportunities to participants globally.

Alongside her interest in Training and Organization Development, she has worked as an intern for 97.5 The Fanatic, a Philadelphia-based sports radio station where she had the opportunity to blend her love of broadcasting with her love of sports.  Emily is a graduate of West Chester University, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. She was inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Studies Honor Society gaining prestige as a significant contributor to the University’s Communication Studies program and graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Emily is an active board member of Tailgates Tackle Hunger, a non-profit organization that raises awareness of the importance of reducing food waste at tailgating events. Emily enjoys cycling, cooking, and can be found in the fall cheering on her favorite football team.

An Intern’s Prospective

Our intern Anna, an eager and hardworking young adult, jumped into our world and taught us more than we could have imagined. Below she shares her experience.

The first day of any new experience is always the most promising. There’s nothing more exciting than the rush of taking that first step into a new adventure, but it can be daunting. As someone who was exploring the work world for the first time, I had no idea what to expect.The Pinnacle Group team was extremely welcoming and helpful in easing me into my role as an intern. Throughout my time there I was able to experience different elements of the company, client relations, program design, and business development.

One aspect of the business that I found especially enlightening was the relationship building process with current and potential clients. Getting to understand what people look for in training and development programs and what they hope their teams will get from it was very eye opening for me. The importance of training really started to click when we were discussing an upcoming program that focused on how different communication styles can impact project teamwork. I found myself surprised at how easily this problem could be solved with effective training.

There are many benefits of working with an experienced team focused on developing others in the best interest of their organization. During my time at Pinnacle Group I discovered more about myself, I was able to have many good conversations with professionals in the training world and learned what it means to be part of a close-knit team. This opportunity showed me how I could fit into a team and gave me a genuine sense of excitement for the future.


The Road to Victory

The road to the victory for every Philadelphia Eagles football fan had its ups and downs, joy, worry, pride, and a host of other emotions that come to mind. It indeed has been a historical season resulting in the most magnificent win of all – the Super Bowl. In many workplaces, the chatter in the break room includes play-by-play recounts of some of the most significant moments in the game. Colleagues are sharing feelings of what it means to them to win the big game, and most all, why this season just felt different for anyone who has been an Eagles fan over the years.

From the beginning of the season to the celebratory end, this unique group of men demonstrated strength, great character, charity, and a willingness to work hard work for one another. Adversity, injuries, and loss are just some of the challenges this team had to overcome to achieve greatness. However, they overcame these obstacles. The team may not have had the best overall statistics for all aspects of the game, but their ability to believe in themselves and one another was overwhelmingly strong. Team members supported one another and trusted the leadership their coaches provided. As a city, there was a shared opinion that this was a team worth cheering on and rallying around until the very end.

For us at Pinnacle Group, it is hard to put into words how much excitement and emotion we feel about this team and what it means to Philadelphia. There were so many lessons we had learned throughout the journey. While skill is essential, success comes from so much more, and this team has proven just that. Whether you are an Eagles fan or just a fan of the game, this team reminds us that regardless of circumstances, a team can come out on top.

If this team or the season overall has inspired you, please share your comments here…


Developing a Winning Team

For many individuals there is nothing quite like the thrill of competition. The excitement that builds, the anticipation of what is next, and the sheer satisfaction of a job well done are among the many things that keep us going. Being competitive is what helps organizations thrive in their market and is also what encourages employees to do more and to excel. However, like any winning team, good luck, and intuition get us only so far. It is constant growth, and each individual and the team experience, that turns an average team into a championship team. On the field and in the workplace alike, we must continue to learn and grow to keep our competitive edge. Whereas coaches must help develop their athlete’s skills both on the field and in the weight room, leaders must do this day in and day out in any work setting so that they constantly develop their greatest asset – their talent.

Talent Development is the key to organizational success and helps employees flourish in their roles on their teams, and within their organization. To be the best we must not just attract top talent, but we must also consistently develop our talent. An individual who is fully prepared for their role has the potential to support their organization in ways that have never existed before. Spending their valuable time, money, and energy to developing your talent will continue to be the gift that keeps on giving and is sure to put your organization in the Hall of Fame.

Whether you are a business owner, an HR professional, a people leader, or an individual contributor, focusing on talent development will turn any employee into an MVP.


A Winning Season

At Pinnacle Group, calling our team a group of Philadelphia Eagle’s fans would be the understatement of the year. We live and breathe Eagles football, and during the season it consumes many of our lunch conversations. We have had many disappointing seasons that led to analyzing and over-analyzing what wasn’t working, often coming up empty-handed. However, this season not only feels different, it is different! Finally, we are a number one team with the skills to back it up.

As a development company, there is no surprise that we want to dig deeper into understanding this team to see what is making them not just survive but thrive as a respected and feared team. While a little magic and some luck are always at play, it is apparent this team is winning for more significant reasons: leadership, teamwork, skill, and of course the support of the fans.

Like any well run successful company, strong leadership will always lead the way to success. During practice a coach sits at the head of the team, focusing each member towards the established target. On the field, the coach passes that role to the assistant coaches and to the quarterback who can keep his teammates moving as one down the field.

Teamwork is the MVP of any successful group. The leader sets the foundation, but the team must continue to work together to get down the field and score; a task nearly impossible when done alone.  At times we can overcompensate for lack of skill, but any strong team needs leadership and skills to move forward.

Lastly, we cannot overlook the role that fans play. The momentum, energy, and support a fan base provides a team is that final piece of the puzzle. Great fans are loyal when the team is down, but also uplifting when necessary to rally the team to overcome adversity and win against all the odds.

A team or an organization cannot be successful without each of these components. Leadership to lead the organization to greatness, teamwork to ensure buy-in, loyalty to each other, and commitment to the bigger picture. Whether we are a team with a large cheering section or an organization with partners who continue to support our goals, we must always remember we are never going it alone. The more we are willing to work hard, the more likely we will see points on the scoreboard, and the more success we achieve for our business!




Every day is a ‘Back to School’ day!

Many of our readers have read our posts that focus on the Emerging Professional. This population also referred to as millennials, brings to the workplace a different focus and spirit. They challenge the way we do things, and they expect different things from their employers.

At the end of August, Pinnacle Group hosted our version of “Bring your Child to Work Day.” Our decision to hold this in August is intentional in that it prepares the child for re-entry into thinking and schooling. The activities of the day are designed for our children so that they have a first-hand experience of the work that their parents do as well as gain exposure to opportunities that might find them in their careers.

As a development company, we design and deliver learning experiences that contribute to individual, team, and organizational success. We work hard to ensure that every individual increases their proficiency and ability to lead themselves and others. What consistently happens is that we also benefit and improve from the opportunity as well. We learn about real situations that matter in the organizations we serve, and we see examples of courage, genius, and generosity continuously.


When the children participated in the day with us, we saw the same thing. These young people hosting conference calls, nervous yet fearless. They ordered lunch and came in under budget, and lunch was amazing. They designed a program to help our organization communicate more effectively, and they did so by including statistics, brainstorming among the design team, researching best practices, etc. They presented their work to a team of seasoned professionals and, they were poised, confident, and prepared. They created an evaluation tool so that through it all, they could collect feedback and we could discuss areas of success as well as growth. Additionally, they learned how to complete a W-4 so that the next time they have a job opportunity, they will not be texting their parents in the middle of that process for guidance.

What they learned from the day was everything we had hoped for and more. What we learned from that day was that our young people are amazing, courageous, smart, willing and able to perform at high levels, and to wow the most seasoned professional. We also learned that we should never underestimate talent no matter where the individual sits in their career. It is exciting for us as a talent development company to have the opportunity to support others in this journey. Moreover, for those who count on us for that, thank you for helping us to continue to grow!





Setting New Limits

As the saying goes, you never learn or experience anything new unless you step outside of your comfort zone. In theory, this sounds motivational and exciting; yet in reality it is often daunting and at times down right stressful. As a training and development company, we encourage others to think differently, to experience new challenges, and to continue to seek moments to develop skills and abilities. This sits at the heart of everything we believe in, but putting it into action is never easy.

As a facilitator, it is my role and responsibility to help others identify their capacity to grow and to stretch them past that. Recently I had the tables turned on me to do just that; stretch beyond my comfort zone. I was asked by my team to facilitate a two-day team building session, which is not an unusual request. As the scope of the project was refined so did the potential for being stretched beyond my comfort zone. In that stretching my eyes were opened to a passion that was hidden deep within me.

This team building session was to take place over a weekend (sigh) and in a city I was unfamiliar with, where I would facilitate a group of my peers. This is where the pressure began to build. After an enormous amount of preparation, reflection, and concern, I approached the weekend as the facilitator I have been trained to be. The weekend cruised by, with a whirlwind of new ideas, amazing insights, and the most brilliant group of emerging professionals I have ever met. As a facilitator, my initial concerns turned into a real passion for not just my career and role but for my calling and ability to serve others in this field. As I left the weekend, the facilitator I thought I was, transformed into the professional I am meant to be.

Staying within my comfort zone would have allowed me to turn down this opportunity, enjoy a summer weekend at home, and continue in my career as I have been doing. However, having a team to push me to do more and be better, constantly reevaluating my capacity and abilities while stretching me past them has allowed me to truly understand how many great opportunities are sitting right outside my comfort zone.


A Seat at the Table

Delicious food, a winning guest list, and a warm atmosphere make up the perfect combination for a magical evening. With proper planning, attention to detail, and your guests as your main concern you can create a night with unforgettable memories.

In the workplace, we can impact our clients in the same way we impact our personal dinner guests. Like any good event, the food and beverages you serve sets the stage for an exceptional experience. Choosing high quality items sprinkled with plenty of creativity will offset any budget concerns you might have. Considering the dynamics of the guest list plays a significant role in the success of the evening. By hand picking guests for a dinner party or team members in the workplace, we can avoid clashing styles and create a group dynamic that encourages respectful, fruitful conversation and strong collaboration. The final piece of the puzzle for an unforgettable experience is all about the atmosphere. Creating the right atmosphere requires planning, preparation, and a real consideration for your guests or team members. From the moment they enter your home or your meeting room, it is your job to make others feel comfortable and engaged in the moment.

Whether you are hosting the perfect evening, or a manager focused on your team’s success, it is crucial to think through each event; what is being served, who will participate, why you all came together, and what you hope the result of the gathering will be. By thinking about our work from the social aspect, we will begin to recognize more clearly what can happen when the right group comes together.


Being Authentically You

We can all recall that one moment when we were in awestruck of an individual, whether we were children watching our favorite celebrity on television, a mentor we had growing up, or as adults simply appreciating a skill of another. Their energy, their proficiency and their overall presence draw us in and leave us wanting to do better and be better.

Now imagine having an opportunity to see this individual participating in an everyday activity such as a family dinner or a weekly team meeting. Are they the same person in stressful situations as they are on stage or when the stakes are high and benefit themselves? Or are they putting on an “act” and playing to their audience?

In all situations we must wear the appropriate hat to fit the world around us, however changing our hat is a lot different then changing who we are. Being authentic to who we are in every situation is truly the rarest trait we as individuals can possess. In the business world there is no amount of time or money that can substitute trust, it is in our human nature to want to work with and partner with people we trust and being authentic in all things is a path to accomplishing that.


Putting an End to the Chaos

For many of us, the commitment we make to our job and the effort we extend is not only important but we would not have it any other way. Often, we arrive early, skip lunch, and leave the office after dark to accomplish our goals, make important contributions, and thrive within our role. However, while the occasional sacrifice is part of the job, being overworked and overwhelmed is not.

The chaos that swirls around us is often our own doing. In an attempt to further our career, or simply to be as productive as we can be, we overcommit or lose sight of efficiencies. The overused phrases “work smarter, not harder” and “I don’t have time” becomes our excuse. Perhaps,  we do not take the needed time to prepare and to create well thought out plans and strategies in order to work more efficiently. If we did so, we would get more accomplished.

As time continues to fly, let us make sure we are better organized, thinking through our workload, and optimizes our time and resources to excel in our role.


Putting the Plan in Play

Why are we surprised when one month flies by so quickly? Yet it is hard to believe that January 2017 has come to an end. Hopefully, you are well on your way in moving from planning and goal-setting to implementation and accomplishments.

February, the shortest month of the year, tends to feel like the longest month of the year yet before we know it, springtime will have sprung. The key to optimizing these short days and long dark evenings is to never lose sight of the plan and goals you have created for yourself. Allow yourself to remain flexible in your approach and creative in your thoughts when your results are seemingly different than originally anticipated. Work and rework your plan, and continue to account for new information, new opportunities, and the possibilities that exist in each and every day.

Although if you try to “beat the clock”, your approach to achieving your plans and goals will make all the difference in a day, a month, and ultimately the year. Consider contacting Pinnacle Group to explore ways to enhance your skills and abilities so that you are better prepared to get the results you want and need.