The challenge we face today is not the amount of information that is available but rather how to get to the most relevant information. Staying current and knowledgeable is a necessity in every aspect of our work lives. As a resource to organizations, it is critical that the information we use to develop programs, tools and resources fully supports our clients’ development needs. The Pinnacle Group team is experienced, connected and always seeking new and improved ways to serve our clients.


Find and listen to thought leaders. Higher education remains a strong and significant influence to the development of models, theories and practices that are proven to build and sustain effective and efficient businesses. We are active participants in academic endeavors that inform the way business is conducted in today’s market place.

Collect and Analyze Data
Data is a great storyteller. Using data helps us understand trends and behaviors. Knowing what questions we are seeking to answer before we collect and analyze data is necessary to ensure all data collection processes will contribute to increasing knowledge and understanding. Administering surveys, assessment and other related diagnostic tools provides a forum for understanding what matters to our clients, their employees and other key stakeholders. Translating data into recommendations and actions is where data is most meaningful.
Publish or Perish is not just for universities. Avenues to share information, knowledge and ideas are unlimited although it seems that it has all been said before. Our approach to contributing to thought leadership and the ongoing development of others is through our active participation in social media. Attending and participating in professional association events and other related activities are an approach we take seriously so that we are continually contributing and learning.