Highly efficient and effective people and organizations get results. Through a variety of methods and approaches, we work with you to:

  • Understand your plans and goals for your customers/clients, staff and all key stakeholders;
  • Identify knowledge, skills, and capabilities that limit your ability to achieve business goals;
  • Continue to assess the current environment within every interaction; and
  • Recommend actions that you may take to encourage and support your employees to meet and often exceed measures of success.
Employee Engagement Survey
It is important to know how your employees feel about your organization, their manager, their work, the workplace and other aspects of the employment relationship. Using a confidential survey administration process, we will gather valuable insight that will affirm best practices already in place, identify areas where change is needed and inform you on specific actions you may take to create and sustain a highly effective workplace.
360° Assessments
Receiving feedback from others is instrumental to individual success. Give your managers the benefit of a 360° feedback process – valuable insight into actions and practices that supports or interferes with their ability to perform well. Utilizing an objective process for collecting and delivering sensitive information increases the potential for true behavior changes. Providing immediate coaching following the data collection process builds trust and offers support for ensuring lasting results and sets the stage for developing key skills.
Behavioral Assessments
Self-perception drives future actions. Reflecting upon aspects of our individual and often unique characteristics allows us to affirm and confirm an understanding of ourselves. These behavioral assessments help to self-correct our blind spots, and use this information of self as a mirror to understanding and working with others. Assessments in DiSC, communication style, sales skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, and other areas will inform your employees on actions and behaviors they may develop in finding higher levels of productivity and satisfaction within their work.
Focus Groups

Employees want to be heard. Objective and targeted in-person or web-based discussions with your staff and other key stakeholders is a key strategy for improving business results. What we are certain of is that:

    • When they have a voice, they are more willing to contribute to business plans and goals.
    • When employees are heard, you will find they often have very clear ideas and thoughts on how to improve all aspects of your business.
If your organization is not achieving your optimal outcomes every day, get your employees involved and consider alternative approaches to generating results.