Being Authentically You

We can all recall that one moment when we were in awestruck of an individual, whether we were children watching our favorite celebrity on television, a mentor we had growing up, or as adults simply appreciating a skill of another. Their energy, their proficiency and their overall presence draw us in and leave us wanting to do better and be better.

Now imagine having an opportunity to see this individual participating in an everyday activity such as a family dinner or a weekly team meeting. Are they the same person in stressful situations as they are on stage or when the stakes are high and benefit themselves? Or are they putting on an “act” and playing to their audience?

In all situations we must wear the appropriate hat to fit the world around us, however changing our hat is a lot different then changing who we are. Being authentic to who we are in every situation is truly the rarest trait we as individuals can possess. In the business world there is no amount of time or money that can substitute trust, it is in our human nature to want to work with and partner with people we trust and being authentic in all things is a path to accomplishing that.

Emily Pereira

About the Author

Emily specializes in facilitating relevant training and development programs that help participants to think innovatively and apply practical skills in the workplace. As a certified DiSC® facilitator, Emily’s passion... Read more


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