A Winning Season

At Pinnacle Group, calling our team a group of Philadelphia Eagle’s fans would be the understatement of the year. We live and breathe Eagles football, and during the season it consumes many of our lunch conversations. We have had many disappointing seasons that led to analyzing and over-analyzing what wasn’t working, often coming up empty-handed. However, this season not only feels different, it is different! Finally, we are a number one team with the skills to back it up.

As a development company, there is no surprise that we want to dig deeper into understanding this team to see what is making them not just survive but thrive as a respected and feared team. While a little magic and some luck are always at play, it is apparent this team is winning for more significant reasons: leadership, teamwork, skill, and of course the support of the fans.

Like any well run successful company, strong leadership will always lead the way to success. During practice a coach sits at the head of the team, focusing each member towards the established target. On the field, the coach passes that role to the assistant coaches and to the quarterback who can keep his teammates moving as one down the field.

Teamwork is the MVP of any successful group. The leader sets the foundation, but the team must continue to work together to get down the field and score; a task nearly impossible when done alone.  At times we can overcompensate for lack of skill, but any strong team needs leadership and skills to move forward.

Lastly, we cannot overlook the role that fans play. The momentum, energy, and support a fan base provides a team is that final piece of the puzzle. Great fans are loyal when the team is down, but also uplifting when necessary to rally the team to overcome adversity and win against all the odds.

A team or an organization cannot be successful without each of these components. Leadership to lead the organization to greatness, teamwork to ensure buy-in, loyalty to each other, and commitment to the bigger picture. Whether we are a team with a large cheering section or an organization with partners who continue to support our goals, we must always remember we are never going it alone. The more we are willing to work hard, the more likely we will see points on the scoreboard, and the more success we achieve for our business!



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